We offer 2 online platforms
that are fully integrated:
  • An online school management system (SMS) with powerful blended learning capabilities to help educators and learners deal with the challenges of remote learning.
  • An online assessment platform with unique features designed to help educators customize assessments with precision control, and to help learners and all stakeholders extract insights never seen before in the education world.
What is Massarat?
  • Through our unique online testing platform, we centrally collect, categorize and store every question presented by a teacher and the answers of every student to these questions. We then use our powerful analytics platform to extract deep insights about every aspect of the learning journey. These insights are detailed, objective, and benchmarked globally. Our patented technology virtually turns the results of every day quizzes and tests into international assessments. All stakeholders can benefit from these insights to make well informed data-driven decisions in real-time, throughout the school year.
  • Massarat also ethically stores every question a student has been asked and the answers they provided in every subject of study throughout their K12 journey. This digital portfolio is designed to help the learner extract deep insights into how they learn best, and identify their natural strengths and weaknesses. The learner owns the data.
  • Massarat is also a standardized measurement framework that will not only replace standardized testing, but will become the gold standard for education worldwide.
Single tool to drill through

With this one tool a regulator for example, can easily see a comprehensive view of all schools in the educational system across all curricula. The regulator can then use the same tool to drill all the way through to an individual learner and see how that learner has performed on a single question on a quiz. Then the regulator, if they wish can run a comparison between the answer this learner provided and everyone who has ever answered that question in this school, other schools and even in previous years. All in the same tool.

Multidimensional views

The reporting and analysis engine also allows users to view multiple dimensions. Parents for example, can see how their learner is doing right now academically in school, but they can easily see the learner’s progression in a subject year-over-year. They can compare how the learner is doing against his/her peers in the class or students of same grade same curriculum in other schools. They can also look at the learning habits of that learner to see in which category of knowledge he/she excels; across all the subjects he/she is studying and has studied in previous years.